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Sunburst and Happiness


Anyone who lives in northern New England, knows the sun is fleeting during the winter months.  The days are short, and the nights can be long.  So the appearance of our beloved haymaker enlightens any day on which it decides to appear.

On one brisk morning, I stepped outside,  just in time to see the sun burst through the towering spruce trees.  Bands of brilliant light extended from the break in the branches, reflecting off the snow, and warming my winter spirits.  The exhilarating feeling was one that I needed to capture in a painting.   Joy, relief, gratitude, and sheer happiness! Imagine the sunlight in this painting brightening every morning with a beautiful burst of exhilaration and joy!

“Sunburst” is an original 10 x 20 oil painting on canvas, inspired by the beauty of that glorious moment.  I’m so happy to share it with my fellow New England sun lovers.   I hope it lifts your spirits too!

This painting is currently unframed, and is available here:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or to inquire about framing options.

Bye for now!

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