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Descent To Garfield Falls

The first time I saw Garfield Falls was 43 years ago.  Our good friends from Pittsburg took us there, after we’d stopped to verify the directions with their father, a lifetime local resident.   

The location wasn’t known to many back then, and it was not easy to find unless you knew which narrow rutted road to drive on, and what landmarks to look for.

We drove for miles into the wilderness, equipped with instructions to “go about one mile beyond Charley Miller’s camp, and then look for the softwoods growing close to the road, before the land begins to drop off”.   It’s safe to say my husband (then boyfriend) and I would never have found it on our own.

Back then, the path to the falls didn’t exist, so we bushwhacked our way down through the woods, until we heard the sound of rushing water.  Then we veered to the right, navigating the top of the ridge, until we were able to make our way down the steep grade toward the falls.   

There were no log steps hewn into the descent, only exposed roots from the trees towering over the basin.  We made our way carefully down to where we could see the cascade falling into the deep pool below.  It was magical!

It was an amazingly beautiful hidden treasure in a distant forest, known only to those who called Pittsburg home.  We felt so privileged to be able to see this special place, and to experience the wonder of its quiet and undisturbed existence.

Now, the path to Garfield Falls is a place frequented by many people each year.  By locals and visitors alike.  The road is wider, and marked.  There is a small parking area, and a bathroom, where the “land begins to drop off”.   The trail to the falls meanders through the woods, and leads to dirt steps held in place by logs.   It descends down the edge of the basin, where you can carefully peer over the edge to see the cascade plunge into the deep pool below.

And at one certain spot, just as it did years ago, the forest gently encircles the view of the cascade, as if embracing the spirit and wonder of its long hidden treasure.

“Descent To Garfield Falls” is a 12 x 9 original oil painting on birch wood panel and is currently available unframed.  Please feel free to inquire about framing options. More information can be found here:

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