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Introducing the

Nature's Gift Collection

All paintings in the Nature's Gift Collection are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, 
and come framed in an elegant white float style frame.

From this......
Adhered image.jpg
Shared Hope and Sweet Harmony in Frames.jpg

What exactly is a Nature Relief Painting?

These paintings contain real life flowers and other native plants.  The plants are firmly adhered to canvas, enclosed in multiple layers of paint.  The textures are formed by the plants beneath the layers.  The color you see is the intricately painted details on the surface layer.   Once the painting is completed it is protected by two coats of varnish for longevity.  They come framed in elegant white floater frames, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. 


I've created these beautiful paintings to help preserve the gifts found in nature indefinitely, so that we can enjoy them year after year. this!
Click an image below to see more images, read the story behind each piece, see its size and details.

Private Collections

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