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Glancing Back, and Moving Forward

Glancing Back and Moving Forward

This week I’ve taken some time just to reflect back on some of the work that I have done in the past.   Each painting I created over the years was influenced by something that occurred, an experience, or event that meant something to me.   They were inspired by things that touched my heart, or moved me to connect with my surroundings, or other important people in my life.  I’ve often said, “Art is Life, Life is Art.”   In my creative endeavors, it couldn’t be more true!

So on occasion, it is nice to look back and remember where I was, or what was happening at the time, and to reflect on the how and why each of those paintings came to be.   In a way it’s like looking at a photo album of years gone by, or special ornaments hanging on a tree year after year, and remembering why each one was significant.

It also gives me the opportunity to appreciate the wonderful people who have been so supportive, and who have chosen to hang pieces of my life’s journey within their homes.  I am honored and grateful that those pieces became a part of their lives too, and that my creativity continues to have purpose and meaning in the lives of others.   

These are some of my paintings that are now in many homes across the country.   

If you would like to explore more, visit my Private Collections page on my website here:

So, as I move forward, continuing to develop my work and exploring all the wonderful things in life that are important, I want to say thank you to all those who follow along with me.  I look forward to continuing this journey with you.  😊

Have a wonderful Easter!   Take the time to enjoy the little things, and all that is good.

Bye for now!


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