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Memories of Easter

Memories of Easter

While I was painting this week, my thoughts were of Easter.  I had simply intended to create a bouquet of Easter lilies and other Spring flowers in celebration of the holiday.  But as I worked, memories of Easter Sunday’s from my past started surfacing, and it soon became apparent that this painting would be reflective of those.

When I was a child, I remember my mother and grandmother helping us to dress up in Easter dresses, purchased for the occasion.  We wore pretty white shoes, because they were the color of the season, and we wore cute bonnets with flowers on top.  I remember attending church services, where the pulpit was filled with beautiful yellow lilies, followed by warm family dinners in the afternoon.

I remember my dad hiding jellybeans and chocolate eggs all over the house.  He was an expert at it.  The older I got the better he got at concealing them.  We’d find them within like colored plants, or inside cups or cupboards.  They’d be under couch cushions, or placed on the top of window ledges.  We could leave no corner or object unturned, and we had to be super sleuths in the hunt.  He delighted in watching us run around with a bowl, collecting the treats as fast as we could.  For the most part, we got them all.  But on occasion, we would find a random jellybean that mysteriously appeared from a place either he’d forgotten, or that we must’ve neglected.

Later, as my children were growing up, we continued the traditions.  We embraced stepping into the role of Easter Bunny.  We hid jellybeans and chocolate eggs. We left baskets filled with fake grass and solid chocolate bunnies on the table.  They each got a bowl to fill as they raced about collecting the treats as fast as they could.  It was so much fun, although we did need to set ground rules on dividing the treasure equally among them.  And sometimes,  months later, we (or the dog) would find random jellybeans still hidden in very sneaky and precarious locations.

When my children were small, we dressed up in Easter dresses, or suites, Easter hats, and pretty white shoes.  We went to Easter services, or sunrise services, and celebrated the day with family dinners.  We gathered together, with parents, and grandparents, cherishing the moment, and making memories of the day.

Now, our children carry on their own celebration of Easter with our grand-children.  Creating the memories and traditions they will cherish in years to come.  We delight in watching our grandchildren, whenever possible, as much as our grandparents enjoyed watching us.

This Easter will be the 8th anniversary of the last Easter we shared with my Dad.   I miss him dearly, but I smile at the thought of his chuckle, as he watched us trying to find his well concealed jellybeans.

Yes, there were many memories that flooded back over this past week, as I worked on this painting of a spring bouquet with yellow lilies.  I am so grateful for the blessing of Easter.

I wish you all a very happy holiday.  I hope your day is filled with special memories of family,  sunrise services, egg hunts, parades, dress up clothes, cute bonnets, and pretty white shoes.

Or whatever memories are treasures for you.   

May you enjoy every moment, and create new and wonderful memories too!

Most of all, may you be blessed with the love given by our father and savior, and by the knowledge that HE is risen.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter!


“Memories of Easter” is a 10 x 8 original oil on canvas, and is currently available unframed.   See more information here:

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