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In my little garden on the front lawn, there are three rose bushes. One produces lovely pink blossoms throughout the summer. One is a bit more finicky, and requires a bit of nurturing. But, it also shares beautiful yellow blossoms when it is able to. The third, has grown so tall that it may overtake the others. Despite its enormous growth, I have yet to see it blossom, so I have no idea what it will become. I simple wait patiently, knowing that someday it will come into its own, and be simply amazing.


Roses are funny that way. They symbolize connection, love, and friendship in all of our varied relationships. But, just as my roses are all different, so too are the bonds that we tenderly nurture and share. Acceptance, and patience, and quiet expectation will hold those bonds together.


"Embrace the connection we share with one another, and this glorious world that sustains us."


This piece is a 14 x 11 Mixed Media original painting on canvas. Created with real pink and yellow roses, and other native plants. It is done with heavy body acrylic paint, on canvas. Kamar varnish is applied for protection and longevity. Enhanced with a white float style frame, comes wired and ready for display.

Tender Friendship - Original

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