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The purpose in creating my nature relief paintings is to bring the delicate and the small into the limelight, where tender gifts are often overlooked or forgotten.  We humans can sometimes feel that way too. Delicate and small. Often feeling overlooked, forgotten, or on the outside looking in. But, the truth is we are all remarkable in our own limelight. We just need to bloom bravely and brilliantly, so others can see it too. Nature can teach us so much about inclusiveness and acceptance.


“Where a tender blossom grows serenaded by a stream, together they create sweet harmony.”


This piece is a 10 x 8 Mixed Media original painting on canvas. Created with real marsh marigolds, forget-me-nots, and other native plants.  It is done with acrylic paint, on professional grade canvas.  Kamar varnish is applied for protection and longevity.  Enhanced with a white float style frame, comes wired and ready for display.

Sweet Harmony - Original

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