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I’m not exactly sure why Black Eyed Susans have always appealed to me. But, I simply adore their golden yellow petals and their soulful eyes.

I keep watch for them, because they are not so easily found in the northern parts of NH. Finding them is like reuniting with long lost family and friends. Just the sight of them fills me with happiness, sweet memories of childhood, and nostalgia.

In the back of my memory, I seem to recall they were among my Grandmother’s favorites as well. I remember them growing along the roadsides and the edges of the fields at her farm. I remember gathering bouquets of them for her. She would give them as gifts, or include them in humble memorial bouquets. They were always given with love from a woman who cared deeply, but often had little to spare. The beauty of their simplicity reminds me of her.

Perhaps I do know why these gifts of gold hold such a special place in my heart. I see my grandmother’s smile in them. And just maybe, those soulful eyes are watching out for me too.


"Back in the recesses of my memory, I see the soulful eyes of loved ones watching, and it comforts me."


This piece is a 14 x 11 Mixed Media original painting on canvas. Created with real black eyed susans, daisies,  and other native plants.  It is done with acrylic paint, on canvas.  Kamar varnish is applied for protection and longevity.  Enhanced with a white float style frame, comes wired and ready for display.

Soulful Eyes Watching - Original

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