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Nothing soothes my soul more than listening to the sound of ocean waves.

Whether they are splashing and crashing over a rocky shoreline or easily rolling onto sandy beaches stretching out for miles in the sun, the rhythm of the ocean calms me.

One of my favorite places to visit is Perkins Cove in Maine, where the Marginal Way begins within a thriving arts community, and continues for a mile and a half along the ocean’s edge to Ogunquit Beach.

There, along the top of rocky cliffs, you can wander among the scented roses, listening to seagulls overhead, and soaking in magnificent views of the sea. You can sit and rest upon the benches placed along the way, and lose yourself in peaceful daydreams. A sweetness lingers in the winds off the water, and as you inhale your thoughts slip away into retreating waves.

It is this beautiful feeling of peaceful calm, caught in the rhythm of the ocean waves and the scent of tender roses, that inspired my latest painting “Roses Along The Marginal Way.”

This painting is a 12 x 9 Oil on birch wood panel, and is currently available unframed. Please feel free to inquire about framing options.

Roses Along Marginal Way - Original

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