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I went out to walk in the sunshine this summer, and wandered over to my neglected flower garden. I was attracted by the brilliant yellow blossoms of the day lilies, stubbornly growing among the daisies and other grasses and weeds. At first, I was thinking that I had surely failed at keeping up with the expectations of how a beautiful garden should look. But, then I looked a little deeper.

There were so many varieties of delicate little blossoms, leaves, and stems growing in earnest next to the more prominent lilies. Each were significant in their own right, even those labeled as a weed. All of them generously blending and complimenting each other in their beautiful existence. What a peaceful, and glorious way to live.


“Where the heart seeks connection, there is beauty and acceptance.”


I decided to let the garden grow as nature intended it to be.


This piece is a 14 x 11 Mixed Media original painting on canvas. Created with real yellow lilies, daisies, and other native plants. It is done with heavy body acrylic paint, on professional grade canvas. Kamar varnish is applied for protection and longevity. Enhanced with a white float style frame, comes wired and ready for display.

Peace Among The Day Lilies - Original

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