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The process of creating these paintings with natural elements leads me to focus on each intricate little detail, the shapes, the textures, the differences of each individual plant. I see the beauty and the uniqueness in each. It is not unlike we humans, all existing with our differences, our experiences, and our beliefs. Yet, nature allows for the inclusion and acceptance of all living things. We as humans can learn so much by simply slowing down and observing nature’s example.


“A variety of flowers swaying within one pot, creates a single dancing shadow when touched by the sun.”


This piece is a 14 x 11 Mixed Media original painting on canvas. Created with real yellow lilies, daisies, and other native plants.  It is done with acrylic paint, on professional grade canvas.  Kamar varnish is applied for protection and longevity.  Enhanced with a white float style frame, comes wired and ready for display.

Dance Among The Lilies - Original

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