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The Nature's Gifts Collection

Nature Relief Paintings made with real plants, flowers, and other elements found in nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nature Relief Paintings

1. What are Nature Relief Paintings?

Original works of art created with real flowers, plants, and natural elements embedded into the painting.


2. What materials are used to create these paintings?


These unique, one of a kind paintings are created with professional grade acrylic and oil paints, and real plants, flowers, or other elements found in nature. I created a technique of embedding the natural elements onto canvas among several layers of paint. The colors you see are the intricately painted details of the image over the top of those layers. The painting is also sprayed with two coats of UV protective varnish for enhancement and longevity.


3. Will these paintings last a long time?


Great care is taken when applying this technique to insure the natural elements will remain secure to the canvas, and the painting will last indefinately. However, as with any hand crafted item, such as pottery, glass, or other fine art pieces, the painting must be handled with care to avoid damage. It is highly recommended that your nature relief painting be handled carefully and hung in a secure place where the chance of damage is minimal. This is a new and very exciting way of creating and is a whole new movement in art. The technique is still being perfected, so it is not possible to predict long term. But, proper care should insure your painting's longevity and beauty for years to come.


4. Are these paintings framed and ready to hang?


All of the paintings in the Nature's Gift Collection are finished with a white floating style frame, and come with wire ready for immediate display. If you decide to exchange the frame they can be easily transferred. It is recommended that you hire a professional framer in that case.


5. Why should I consider owning an original Nature Relief Painting?


Art is a wonderful way to bring peace and joy into your life, home, or office. But, these Nature Relief Paintings go one step further. They bring the real elements and beauty of nature into your heart space. To imagine the flowers and plants within the painting actually bloomed several months (or years) ago, in a place that touched your heart, or during a special event, will make one of these paintings a unique and cherished keepsake for generations.


As far as I know, I am one of few (if not the only) artist currently creating this type of painting. These are truly unique, one of a kind, works of art. As this technique develops, I anticipate the value and prices of these paintings will increase substantially. So, while you are enjoying the beauty of nature in any season, your investment is likely to grow.


6. How do I properly care for my Nature Relief Painting?


When your painting arrives carefully unwrap and check it right away. Hang in an area where it is safe from traffic, or the possibility of being bumped or knocked off the wall. Do not hang in a place where there is high humidity and moisture, such as near a shower in a bathroom. To clean the painting, gently blow

dust off by using a straw, or a small fan, or use a very soft bristle paint brush.


7. Can I commission a Nature Relief Painting?


I am considering accepting one commissioned piece for month. In particular, commissions to preserve floral bouquets for brides, or for other special occasions. Because of the process, it will be necessary to arrange for delivery of the flowers, etc., within a day or two of the event. I will create a beautiful work of art by my design using your specially selected plants and flowers. Please message me for additional details on scheduling your special event commission.


8. How are these paintings shipped?


Paintings will only be shipped after it is completely dry and can be safely packaged. Each will be wrapped and padded carefully, protected from damage by cardboard or foam core spacers, then shipped in a sturdy cardboard box. Smaller paintings are shipped by USPS in first class boxes. Larger paintings are shipped by UPS. Proper insurance is applied. Once we have optained the tracking number, we will send you an email with the number, so you can check on your delivery date.


9. Can I return a painting if it wasn't what I expected?


Great care is taken to present the painting as accurately as possible on my web site. Different monitors may cause slight variations in color. Please view the painting on different devices prior to purchase, if you have a concern about color variation.

In the event you receive the painting, and you are not completely satisfied, you may return it, provided you contact me via email within 7 days of delivery. The painting must be returned in the original packaging and wrapped securely to prevent damage. I can not provide a refund for a painting that is damaged due to improper packaging.


10. What should I do if my painting was damaged when it arrived, was lost, or stolen?


Again, great care is taken to insure your painting will arrive safely.  I can not be held liable for mishandling, damage, or failed delivery by the shipping service, (USPS or UPS). If your package was damaged in transit we will handle each situation on a case by case basis. Appropriate insurance will be applied to cover the package when it is shipped. It may be necessary for you to contact the carrier directly, to file a shipping claim.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to replace original pieces for free if damaged after delivery, so please be sure to place your painting in a place away from any possible damage.


In the event, the package is marked "Delivered", and is nowhere to be found, please verify you provided the correct shipping address. Should a package be returned to us, we are happy to forward it to your correct address. In this case, we do ask that you pay for the additional postage or shipping fees.  I am unable to replace for free any painting that has not been delivered, lost or stolen.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me. You may also find the "Returns and Liabilities" page helpful in answering some of your questions or concerns.

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