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Warming temperatures, melting snow, and seasonal rains cause the rivers of New England to swell within their banks, and to come alive with the renewed energy of Spring. The waters expand and grow powerful, fed by tiny streams and tributaries, constantly rolling, never slowing, until they flow into distant far off basins of rest.

I watch in awe, sometimes thrilled at the intensity, sometimes frightened by the unpredictability. Always feeling the increasing strength, mustered by sheer determination.

Imagine if we could begin each fresh start filled with empowerment and excitement, raging past rocks and logs, or any other obstacle in our way! Dancing and splashing with an enthusiasm that carries us past the deep and over the shallows, filling us with joyful hope, until we reach our distant dreams of peaceful serenity.

“Let The River Flow” was inspired by the excitement of our awakening spring season, and the hope of new beginnings.

This painting is a 18 x 14 original oil on canvas, and is currently available unframed. Please feel free to inquire about framing options.

Let The River Flow - Original

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