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What’s Involved In Creating A Nature Relief Painting?

What's Behind The Process?

Including real plants, flowers, and other elements of nature in my artwork, helps me to deepen and strengthen the connection that I feel with the living, breathing world around me.  The work becomes part of me, and at the same time it is part of nature.  Tiny bits, given to us as a gift from the Earth are incorporated into my paintings, and then I am able to share that gift of connection and acceptance with all those who view the work.

The peaceful feeling of acceptance found in the beauty and tranquillity of nature is enclosed within several layers of paint. Then my carefully rendered artist’s interpretation is painted on the surface layer, preserving nature’s gifts for many years to come.

How Are They Created?

Each painting takes approximately 12 to 15 hours to complete. The composition is planned, and preliminary layers of paint are applied to a canvas.  The plants are then arranged and carefully adhered.  The materials used in these paintings include heavy body, professional grade acrylic and/or oil paint, real plants and other elements of nature. The completed painting is sprayed with two coats of  Kamar varnish for protection and longevity.   The painting is then framed with an elegant float frame and wired for immediate display.

How Are They Presented?

Each painting is carefully wrapped within bubble wrap and placed within a foam core support to protect the surface.  The corners are carefully secured to the foam core with ribbon, and a decorative ribbon is added for elegance. The certificate of authenticity is included within a second layer of bubble wrap.  The package is then placed in a strong cardboard box for shipping.  

Receiving a painting from the Nature’s Gifts Collection is like opening a special Christmas gift no matter what the season!

Browse the entire Collection here:

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