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What Inspires Me?

There are so many things I could say inspire me to create my art. Perhaps the simplest and most intriguing answer is nature.  Including the feeling of connection that I share with everything else living on the earth.  But there’s more to it than that.

I have always been intrigued by DNA, and the physical make up of everything that is living, whether it be humans, trees, flowers, animals, plants, fish, or birds. What exactly is it that determines whether a spruce tree grows up to be a spruce tree, or a birch tree ? And what exactly is it that determines whether a dandelion will turn out to be a dandelion or a rose? What determines whether an embryo becomes a tiny chicken, or an elephant?  Born or hatched?

One thing I have found to be truth.

Somewhere along the way SOMETHING determined the creation of millions of plant species, and animal species, and our own human race with all of its variations.

I want my work to focus on the connection that holds all living beings together on this one tiny world.  To bring to light all that is beautiful and common, and to celebrate the amazing differences. Every living thing has a place here, and that existence was determined well before we humans came into the equation.

SO, I’ve been searching and experimenting with ways that I can bring nature (and all that it encompasses) into my paintings, not only in the visual sense, but also in a physical way.  The very thought that a living element of nature in existence now, can be incorporated into a painting that will exist 100 or more years from now, intrigues me very much, and it has inspired me to create paintings that embody real livable elements of nature.  Real plants, real DNA, in real works of art!

Everything living fades away, in its own due time. But, what if the Art we are creating now could encapsulate the beauty, the wonder, the texture, and all of the elements of nature we’ve experienced, with an intention to preserve it indefinitely?  How amazing would that be!

So for me, the short answer of what inspires me to create, would be nature, inclusive of all living things.  The long answer, is the amazing prospect of using my creativity to explore, celebrate, and preserve this beautiful world we live in, in hopes of presenting our experiences to future generations.

Esthetically and literally!

Sway of the Fireweed, 11x14 Mixed Media

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