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Walking Where The Cedars Grow

Updated: 4 days ago

Deep shadows beneath a  grove of Cedar trees can create a safe harbor, and a place of quiet solitude.   Their twisted trunks support evergreen branches forming a dark canopy.  It’s a welcoming place of safety for the deer throughout the winter, and a haven for tiny birds.  In the spring, the saturated ground beneath them is filled with moss and other wildflowers that flourish in the wetlands.

When I go for my daily walk, I pass by a grove of Cedars and often reflect on how long they may have been growing, the history they may have seen, and the beautiful oasis they create there.  I know, at one point these particular cedars started growing when the land was a farm field.  Now, they provide shelter for the animals that live here, and a source of quiet contemplation for me. 

Stepping beneath their shadows gives me a sense of comfort and peaceful solace.  I love watching the sun filter through the branches to the moss below, and listening to the birds above me.  It’s that feeling of warmth in the shadows that I wanted to capture within my latest painting.

“Where The Cedars Grow” is a 12 x 9 original oil on birch wood panel.  It is currently available unframed.  Please feel free to inquire about framing options.  It is now posted on my web site here:

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