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Tryst at Evenfall - a meeting of two moose.

Moose can be elusive creatures, difficult to find, and mysterious in their wanderings. Most often, they are only seen as the sun is setting, or rising. Keeping hidden in forested bogs, streams, and woodlands. A chance meeting with one or more of these majestic animals is an amazing experience, and definitely a moment to remember!

Have you ever wondered what it must be like for them, as they wander about the marshes, lumbering alone, or in pairs?

"Tryst at Evenfall" is my latest endeavor to capture that sunset rendezvous between bull & cow, and the beauty of their quiet solitude. In keeping with the subject, I added a little mystery to the title. Tryst: (a rendezvous, meeting) at Evenfall :(dusk). But, I'll leave the possibility of friendship or romance up to the viewer's imagination.

I began work on this painting in January of 2019. It slowly came into form over the last

several months, being set aside for other projects, and needing time to unfold. Sometimes, these things can't be rushed. I gratefully signed it as completed on Sept. 12th! Seventy six hours of painting time to bring two majestic moose together! They might just be a little stubborn too.

This painting is now available. Visit my web site at www.brendalbkenneyfineart.com for additional details.

Moose, forest, sunset
Tryst at Evenfall, © 2019, Brenda L.B. Kenney, Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30

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