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Thoughts About Why I Do What I Do

I have always felt welcomed in nature. It leaves me with a sense of belonging, and has never left me feeling rejected or disconnected. Whether I am taking in a mountain view or walking along the shoreline of a lake, or spending the time to look at wildflowers and plants growing along the way, it always leaves me with a sense of peace and acceptance.

Collecting bits of nature, and bringing them into my work, helps me to bring those feelings into my paintings in a literal sense.  It is my hope that by sharing my work with others, it helps them to feel connected and accepted as well.  I believe we are all part of the bigger scheme of things. We’re all only here for a short time, but everything is here for a reason.  Everything living is worthy and has value.

I hope my artwork causes a viewer to stop and contemplate their own place here, their purpose and reason for being here, and their connection to all that lives in the world. And perhaps by taking the time to contemplate that question, we can all find the kindness in our hearts that will make this world a better place.

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