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Thinking About Valentine's Day

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been contemplating Valentine's Day.

It's a holiday that gives us the opportunity to tell someone how much we care for them.

In my mind, I don't equate that "someone" to be limited in any way. Surely a spouse, or significant other, comes to mind. But, so do all the other wonderful and dear people who

are part of our lives, making us feel valued, connected, and loved.

When we were children, we gave Valentine's Day cards out to everyone in our classroom.

We exchanged them with open hearts and open minds, celebrating the day to be together.

Oh, and we also loved the cookies and cupcakes!

This year, after so much time separated from family and friends due to covid, and the daily busy-ness that occupies so much of our lives, perhaps we could pause to gather the simple joy we once shared as children, and extend it out to everyone around us. Perhaps, we could create something from the heart, and reach out to all those who are so special to us. It doesn't have be perfect or amazing. It just has to say, "You are important to me." The gesture is all that matters. Even if you just share a little paper heart, a cookie or a cupcake.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Much love and gratitude to all.

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