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Sipping Tea, and My Morning Visitors

Updated: Feb 29


On cool winter mornings my favorite thing to do is to sip my tea, while sitting in my swivel rocking chair, near my double paned glass door, and watch the deer foraging in the backyard.  They wander through the edge of the woods, and often lay down to rest in the sun beneath the spruces. I watch them gather and interact with each other, and I’m often delighted by the differences in their personalities.  I’ve come to recognize some of them by certain markings, or by the groups that they travel within.  Or by the funny little things that they do while traveling through in search of food.

One little doe, with a wonderfully fuzzy face, has been brave enough to venture closer to the house, and she enjoys nibbling on the little spruces. She’s not quite tall enough to reach the lower branches of the bigger trees, but she finds the new buds on the small trees quite tasty.   She is just too cute.  So, I wanted to capture her in a painting.  My morning companions are too beautiful not to share with you.

“Foraging” was inspired by the deer I share my mornings with, and in particular the little doe who finds her morning snack growing on the tops of tiny Christmas trees.

If you'd like more information about this original 11 x 14 oil on canvas, it is available here:

Bye for now!

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