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Painting at Tamworth Wet Paint Invitational

June 17, 2019

What an amazing week!

Stump at Chocorua - 9 x 12 Acrylic on Panel, Painted on Site

© Brenda L.B. Kenney 2022

I can think of no better way to summarize my trip to Tamworth, NH for the Wet Paint event on April 29th, 2019. The opportunity to meet so many talented artists, and to practice my own plein-aire skills, was simply one I could not pass up!

Many of the participating artists stayed at The Preserve at Chocorua. A beautiful wedding venue in the quaint town of Tamworth, NH. The accommodations were lovely, and the food was fantastic. Although the weather could have been better, the painting opportunities were endless. We all held to the task of creating art, despite the rain and cool temperatures. The effort was well rewarded!

Throughout the week, artists ventured to paint in various locations, depicting water falls, mountain views, farms, and homesteads. Floral, and still-life arrangements also came into play on the rain dates, and each day ended with the accumulation of numerous, exceptionally rendered works of art. The paintings were displayed at various locations, and receptions over the course of the week, culminating in the Collector's Gala with awards and a closing ceremony at The Preserve on May 4th.

So much learned, and friendships made. I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to paint among my colleagues, and take in nature's beauty. Thank you, to Mary Phelps, the Preserve staff, and the many other businesses in Tamworth, for hosting such a wonderful event. I am so looking forward to returning for the next wet paint event!

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