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Down The Farm Lane

Updated: 4 days ago

“Down the Farm Lane”

Venturing out to do some plein air painting is always fun during the warmer months of the year.  The colors of the seasons, and the fresh air always invigorates me and leaves me feeling excited about my creative process.  It’s great to be out in nature.

On one particular adventure, I set up my easel next to a dirt lane way, on the edge of some farm fields in Tamworth, NH.

The sun fell across the aging grasses, and a shadow fell beyond a tree whose leaves were turning crimson red.  It was a lovely scene and an interesting composition to capture.

It made me think about other dirt roads I’ve traveled.  I remembered well the farm my grandparents owned when I was a child.   The quiet lane that split two fields and disappeared into the trees at the lower end of the pasture.

Painting this scene peaked my curiosity.  Where did this simple farm lane go to?  Another pasture, or deep into the woods? Imagine the adventure that waits at the other end of our imaginations!

It is an interesting process, painting while contemplating life‘s journey.  Should we take the road less traveled by, and where will we be at the end?

This painting is an original 11 x 14 oil on birch wood panel.   It is currently available unframed.  Please feel free to inquire about framing options.

Additional information can be seen here:

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