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8 Creative Ways To Display Art In Your Home

Creating a wonderful space in your home that is warm and inviting, and also unique to your personal preferences can be fun!   Art can be an important part of that process.

Whether you choose to collect original work, reproductive prints, or photographs, the art you choose to bring into your home makes a statement about who you are and elevates what is important to you.

It allows you to Introduce your unique personality into your living space, through the use of color, shape, form, and subject matter.  The Art you love elevates your comfort, and nurtures your feelings of peace and happiness within a sanctuary made just for you.

Here are 8 quick tips on how you can display various types of art in your home, in a fun and creative way.

  1. Group 4-6 prints of similar color, or subject matter together, to create an accent wall.  Use the same size frame, or vary the sizes, and vary the shapes to make an interesting wall of color and design.

  2. Stack two art works over each other in a vertical pattern, or place an artwork over a shelf, or a coat rack to add interest to an uninteresting space.

  3. Display a larger piece over a fireplace, a side table, a headboard on a bed, or a couch to create a “wow factor” accent.

  4. Choose longer vertical artwork for spaces next to windows, in corners, or between pieces of furniture such as bookshelves, or armoires.

  5. Original paintings or reproductive prints from a collection, with a similar subject or color scheme, can be arranged throughout a single room to pull the entire space together and a create coordinated look and feel.

  6. Display smaller pieces on a small easel that has been placed on a table or on an open shelf.

  7. Choose a variety of vintage frames and combine prints or photos of unique subject matter, to create a wall of texture and color.

  8. Place your framed artwork on a table or mantle leaned against the wall, and combine with other unique items, such as a vase with flowers, a ceramic croc, an interesting sculpture, a basket, or your favorite collection of shells, stones, or books, etc.

No matter what type of art you choose to bring into your home, remember to take your time and enjoy the process of finding special pieces that speak to you.  Collecting art that you love can be so much fun, and it will fill your sanctuary with the uniqueness of you!   

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