Classy Demo Paintings!

What is a Classy Demo Painting?

"Classy Demos" are original paintings! 

But they were created during one of my tutorials, or during a painting class demonstration. They are lovely paintings in their own right, but may be done on instructional grade canvas, and took much less time to complete.  So, a "Classy Demo" painting can be a wonderful addition to your art collection, but is priced less than my Premium Fine Art pieces.


Members of my VIP Collector's Group have first dibs on these instructional paintings.   So, if you'd like first look at available paintings, and access to exclusive offers, join this free group.  I would love to welcome you!


I'll be posting the "Classy Demo" paintings as they become available.  Each painting will remain exclusive to the VIP Collector's Group for two days, and then made available to the public.   

Thank You, for Collecting!

Painting #1

Apples In A Basket

11 x 14 Original Oil on Canvas

Unframed.  (Framing Options Available.)

$135.00, plus $15.00 Shipping

Apples In A Basket (CD Painting).jpg

Painting #2 

White Birch

11 x 14 Original Acrylic on Canvas

Unframed.  (Framing Options Available.)

$95.00, plus $15.00 Shipping

White Birch Classy Demo #2.jpg

Painting #3


Lake Landscape

16 x 20 Original Oil on Canvas

Unframed.  (Framing Options Available.)

$135.00, plus $15.00 Shipping

Lake Landscape Classy Demo #3.jpg

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