Life's work of art...

When I got that phone call over four years ago, I couldn't breathe.   It was as though the life force had been blown from my soul, and my mind could not comprehend what had taken place.   My world was completely turned upside down.  How could this be? do I move forward?

The sudden death of my father left me unbalanced, searching for my purpose here.   I realized how vulnerable and unpredictable our lives really are.   How fleeting life can be.   How little control we actually have, and how important it is to live each day to the fullest.   


It made me realize how very precious those tender moments of peace, family, joy, and kinship really are.  I began searching for those moments where I could breathe again.   Where my heart was at rest, and my mind was quiet.   The simple joys, and serene places, where tranquility filled my spirit.   Views of purple landscapes, with distant hilltops bathed in sunset hues.   Where little diamonds played on the ripples of water, sunlight dancing across the waves, while gentle breezes caressed the trees with whispers.

Places, and moments, dreams, and back into my heart, my body, my soul.

I began to realize that these moments, these special places, so fleeting in our daily lives, so taken for granted.......are THE moments and places that make our lives worth living.   And I began to understand my reason for placing my paintbrush to canvas.   My purpose for creating art.   

To capture those very moments, those precious places of joy that allow us to live our lives fully, while calming our spirits, and granting us the strength to breathe again.

It has become my artistic mission, my purpose in doing what I do.   To help others to embrace and capture those gifts of life, those periods of brief time, when we experience the most joy, peace, and happiness.

When you remember back to those special times, joyful places, memories of happiness and kinship.

Where are those places for you?   What precious moments are your life's work of art?

My Artistic Endeavors

Moving forward.......following my heart, and exploring my purpose.  Fulfilling my mission to help others capture those rare and precious moments of joy, peace, and happiness.....where stories are written, and life is worth living.

I am so blessed by the support of my family and friends.   Grateful to those whom I've met and learned from.  Honored to have won an award on occasion.   And very excited to see what the future brings.   

Where I am now!

Statement & Biography

Artist's Statement

The Arts have always been my passion, and a defining factor in who I am.   Whether it's been through painting, music, theater, or writing, my life has always been enhanced and influenced by my participation in the Arts.   Finding joy in creativity is what sustains me.

Painting is a wonderful means of expression, and I love the way it allows me to experience and interpret the world around me. My subjects might include beautiful scenery, interesting people, abundant wildlife, and florals.  I consider it a gift, whenever I am given the opportunity to reflect the world in paint.


I live in Northern NH which has a very short summer season, so much of my time is spent working in the studio.   But, I enjoy going out to paint "en plein aire", or to take photographs, whenever the weather permits.  It's my chance to experience this beautiful place first hand, and to capture images that will become detailed paintings in the studio.


I'm always fascinated with the effects of light.  I study contrasts, and shadows, reflections, and mist, striving to re-create them in my paintings.   By applying thin layers of color, one over the other, some amazing affects appear on the canvas.   Although I sometimes work in acrylic or watercolor, my medium of choice is definitely oil.  The longer drying time and consistency of oils, allows me to blend soft color tones, creating a sense of peace in my paintings.   It is so satisfying when I know a collector has found serenity in my work.

It is also important to me that my work captures the essence of a moment, the story behind the image.   A painting is meant to relay our personal experiences, our savored memories, and special moments in time.  If my paintings cause a viewer to stop, question, and take the time to find the story behind the image, I have been successful in preserving that very special narrative.


Artist's Biography

Brenda grew up in Salisbury, NH  and has been an "artist at heart" all of her life.  She began drawing and painting as a child, attended art classes throughout high-school, and at Plymouth State College.  

She worked for several years as a part-time commission artist, specializing in oil and graphite pencil portraits and house portraits.  Her commissioned pieces are represented in dozens of homes in NH, and several other states across the country. During that time, she and her husband also (literally) built their own home in Boscawen, and ran their own propane business.  For a short time, she taught pre-school, and ran a small gift shop.   In 1996, they decided to sell the propane company, and in 1998, they moved their family to Pittsburg, NH, a town with a little slower pace, and an endless supply of subjects for  Brenda's work.   Brenda continued to accept commissions, while they again, built their own home, and settled into their new life in the north country.

Surrounded by the beautiful scenery and wildlife in northern NH and VT,  Brenda continually strives to develop her creative skills in painting, with a unique artistic style. Working primarily in oil, she encompasses many subjects, including images of the beautiful north woods, wildlife, still-life, architecture, florals, portraiture, sea-scapes, etc.

Over the past several years, Brenda has participated as a member of the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire,  NH Made, Inc.,  NH Pleinair, WREN, International Plein Air Painters, Manchester Artists Association, and the Mt. Washington Valley Arts Association.    She also authored an arts and history Blog, called ArtRECreation.

Brenda has exhibited her work at the Hopkins Center Gallery, Hanover, NH (1981), the Great North Woods Gallery, Stewartstown, NH (2004), the Ammonoosuc Artists Gallery, Littleton (2005-2007), the New London Inn, "My Favorite Things" Exhibition, New London, NH (2006), the Interpretive Center, Colebrook, NH (2006-2009), and the Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital (2005, 2007/08, & 2008/09, 2013), and at Fiddleheads of Littleton (2013).  She has exhibited her work at several regional art shows, and participates in or exhibits her plein air paintings at various NHPleinAir scheduled events.  In 2019,  she participated in the Tamworth Wet Paint Invitational week long event.  Some of her paintings and a selection of her archival digital reproductions are currently on display and may be purchased at Fiddleheads, 110 Main Str., Colebrook, NH.  Brenda primarily sells her work directly to her collectors, and she enjoys meeting and establishing friendships with the people who follow her artistic journey.   

To read about her various exhibitions and awards, please visit the News & Events page, or follow her artistic journey on her facebook page at and other social media. 

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